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Three pulley sheaves on the ram and three below. 55 feet of wire rope. They will drive 4" pipe for corner posts into the ground with the greatest of ease. Kiwi ingenuity again. 40910 Note the duals for traction. Hydraulic Post Drivers The HPD-16/22Q models with manual adjust quickly deliver an air tight post set for wood or steel posts.

View all careers Ramko Catalogue Ramko Catalogue Download the Ramko's 2016 catalogue. Alfred said I'm making it too complicated - "You just need to lift a heavy hammer, guide its drop, and then, KABOOM!" So okay, here's a prospective guide: 40720 And could The blocks are a premium around here. He has a 500 pound weight on a boxed rail and a long 2 inch cylinder on it works it up and down.

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In the past two decades Worksaver has brought the following enhancements to the market: First to replace metal rollers with plastic slide blocks Patented skid steer return lines on skid steer I had some idiot drive in some corner posts. much more precise than letting the hydraulics go at it. There's a heck of a lot of stress when the hammer hits.

denrep10-25-2009, 09:29 PMI'm thinking about building a driver for sinking H-beam or pipe into the ground. Any ideas? Mine might be only 4' long tho. Shaver Post Driver Cylinder Here's the prototype hammer, 927 lbs, plus four sticks of 7018 :laugh: 40762 It's inverted here for welding, during the test run the square block will hang down, as the striker.

WeldingWebÖ - Welding forum for pros and enthusiasts > WeldingWeb Disciplines > Welding Projects & Pictures > Post driver build - Could I please pick your brain for post-driver ideas? Its the trip type like an older hydraulic one he repaired for a fence builder. It will drive one down to the hard pan or rock in about 10 hits. This will be a temporary arrangement and our next day service will hopefully run again soon.

You are limited to how long of a post you can get under it though, I drive cedar post that are in the 7' to 8' range and 8" to 10" Shaver Post Driver Manual Track Order Log In Register Menu Ramko CylindersHydraulic Cylinders32mm Bores45mm Bores50mm Bores60mm Bores70mm Bores80mm Bores90mm Bores100mm Bores125mm BoresOther StockTrailer Brake CylindersToplink CylindersTilt & Slide CylindersPost Driver CylindersRamko ValvesDouble Pilot Operated ValvesMonoblock Heavy-duty 3-angle swivel mount pivots the driver 45┬░, 90┬░ or rear facing for increased versatility. jackh I've driven zillions of those steel t-posts over the years with a maul or driver but uhhh....I ain't about to attempt no six inch H beam or eight inch pipe

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I'm sure there is a video of a king hitter post driver on the web somewhere. my site Another twist in case it helps. Shaver Hd8 Post Driver Parts RancherBill10-27-2009, 01:02 PMDenRep, I'd use a hydraulic system. Shaver Post Driver Hd8 The forklift has a restrictor which limits carriage drop speed, so there will be no "Demon Drop" rides today. :laugh: 8' tall beam in compacted sandy soil: 40763 The mast was

lugweld10-26-2009, 02:28 PMMy vote is for steam... I'll guess that, in this case, acceleration is limited by the fork lifts drop limits therefore there was little noticable difference in real impact between longer or shorter drop distances. whatever. Reply With Quote 05-24-2004,12:16 PM #7 matt_isserstedt View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Diamond Join Date Dec 2003 Location suburbs of Ann Arbor, MI, USA Posts 13,034 Post Thanks / Shaver Post Driver Springs

I can now put a hole anywhere in 10 seconds. It was all the machine - not the operators.:):) I looked at it from the view to "I could copy that" and I came away going it's not worth it. All the pounders that I have seen never used a spring system. this page I really haven't figured out how it works, I assume because it fills and empties near the top it must be a cylinder within a housing kinda of like a hydraulic

There was a young fella helping him (not me I was just a few years old) and kept wanting to drive a post in the ground and Dad would always tell Shaver Post Driver Hydraulic Hook Up Another twist in case it helps. the next time Im at the lake Ill get a few pics of it.

Big heavy object like you've got there it would take a mile high tower before wind resistance had much effect. :laugh: But here's a calculator a guy could plunk in distances

They are not all that complicated. Available as either a HPD-16 or HPD-22Q, these drivers can be positioned to the center or side of the loader for easier fence building. The time now is 08:05 PM. Shaver Post Driver Dealers Follow us on YouTube.

G3farms11-09-2009, 10:33 PMWhen Dad bought our farm he was putting in new line fence. The way his trips it has a spring loaded square rod that fits into a tube on top of the cylinder. Become a forum member. Get More Info When you get it working remember where you put your hand when you are starting the post.

the biggest problem I will have is coming up with the hydraulic cylinder similar to the one they use to lift the large piece of H beam with. Thanks in advance for your ideas. Second, the contact with the soil causes rust. The cylinder diameter is pretty small - you want to maximize speed and minimize exhaust flow. . . .

The auger gets stuck. Our Q-spring assembly reduces spring change over from hours to minutes. GENIUS:cool2: taylorlambert12-14-2009, 07:58 PMIll sure get some pics of the whole set up even the barge. Download Catalogue Products Hydraulic Cylinders Toplink Cylinders Tilt & Slide Cylinders Post Driver Cylinders Valves Weldable Ends Products Two Wire Braid Hose Quick Release Couplings Log Splitter Range Kits Tipping Rams

I would second the recommendation of the Surplus Center, or try the Northern catalog, they seem to have a lot of hydraulic stuff in there. A cylinder will retract a bit quicker because the rod takes up more space in the head end of cylinder.