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Hp Xw4600 Linux Drivers

The "RAID controllers" that come integrated on consumer motherboards aren't really controllers.  Linux refuses to participate in the lie.  If you google "fakeRAID" you'll get lots of explanations like this one Your mileage may vary. Thanks. (I would have thought the virtualization settings would be in a (non-existent) virtualization section). Some operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Openfiler are considered "stable", which is code-speak for "works great on older well known hardware, but not on this new-fangled unproven stuff".  check my blog

So having said all of that, if you are lucky, and you happen to pick workstations or motherboards that have the features you need, you can make them work.  For example, Security? xw4600 works fine as a hypervisor. NAME( required ) E-MAIL( required ) - will not be published - URL Openfiler reboot issue Get your USB Canon Pixma MX7600 printer working under Linux More on Greg Porter I

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IT August 5th, 2010 REPLY QUOTE FYI for everyone who has xw4600 and reads the above… While it is true you can enable the virtualization via the security option in the Disclaimer This is *MY* blog, not my employer's. IBM WebSphere Portal Home IBM Logo Sign Up Log In Welcome Getting Started Contact HP - Anonymous Contact HP Product Context View Support Home Test page Product Home Product Warranty Result greg.porter June 26th, 2010 REPLY QUOTE Bravo.

Click here to cancel reply. I happen to have a xw4600 and no matter what option or bios setting I tried, virtualization would not work. Even though it was listed as supporting it. I speak as an expert in explosives." -- Admiral William Leahy, U.S.

This gives the appearance of a hardware RAID, because the RAID configuration is done using a BIOS setup screen, and the operating system can be booted from the RAID. Workstation BIOS settings may stop you from loading certain software. It appears there is more than one variant of the Intel CPUs and depending on the chip inside it may or may not support VTx and/or VTd. XenServer requires CPU's that support hardware virtualization to run Windows virtual machines, and this is usually a setting in BIOS that's off by default.  Another workstation I tried (HP xw4600) has

Do not meddle in the affairs of system administrators, for they are subtle and quick to anger. "The [atomic] bomb will never go off. Quite right. Porter. Real servers have beefy construction, like big power supplies.

I pay for the hosting. Any opinions expressed here are my own. VMware ESX, XenServer, SAN's and more! Virtually none of these are true hardware RAID controllers.

These have shown up in a number of desktop/workstation motherboards. I recently tried to run Openfiler and Citrix XenServer on some random workstations we had "laying around", and discovered multiple issues like these… 1. WTF? news One of the workstations (Dell Precision 390) I tried to use had lots of empty drive bays.  I plugged in three extra SATA drives, so it had four drives total.  It

If you are buying used equipment to run Linux, google and make sure that you find numerous positive reports from other users! 2010 01/23 CATEGORY Servers 3 comments Write comment Comments Instead, they are simply multi-channel disk controllers combined with special BIOS configuration options and software drivers to assist the OS in performing RAID operations. Real RAID controllers have their own CPU, cache RAM, and maybe a battery to protect the RAM.  They are usually expensive.  The dedicated RAID CPU offloads RAID related computations from the

Don't take the red pill.

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