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Hp Usb Docking Video Driver Windows 7

The version of "DisplayLink Core Software" in Control Panel->Programs should be 5.6.31870.0. To troubleshoot this kind of kernel crash issue, we need to debug the crashed system dump. It is intended to work with any computer with USB 2.0 running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Intel-based Apple Computers. I do not have a spare laptop from HP to test anther version.

Yesterday the user has an issue with the monitor flickering and showing same image even after computer restart. Click “Start”, type “%SystemRoot%\Minidump" (without quotation marks) in “Search” bar and press “Enter”. 2. Anyway Keeping my fingers crossed. USB-C with DisplayLink Corporate Benefits Corporate Downloads Partner Login Embedded Developers Embedded Solutions Software Tools (SDK) Starter Kits Press Company Contact Methods Contact Us Our Offices DisplayLink Reps & Distributors Technology Clicking Here

What solved this problem is : 1. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can you (and everyone posting in this thread) make sure that v5.6 M1 from the DisplayLink website installed. The actual laptop is not freezing.

This is the HP model running Beats Audio. We have contacted HP about the audio driver, as this is not provided by DisplayLink. Is it possible any users on here have a system that they could ship to DisplayLink for us to investigate? Thanks Wim My computer froze twice today, with the DisplayLink core software NOT installed and the dock disabled.

Nuts, worked fine. The notebook freezes. Also, I assume that pressing Num lock or Caps lock on the keyboard does not toggle the LED on the keyboard, which means that the PC has really locked up. We have HP 5330M i5 Processor.

This is the HP model running Beats Audio. For further info see Once we can reproduce this, it should be possible to diagnose where the issue is, but without reproduction, we cannot remotely diagnose this. If no clue can be found, you may contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) via telephone so that a dedicated Support Professional can assist with your request.

Jake Mare Where did you find the driver for Mac? Almost every laptop have a Intel processor, but two of them have AMD processor, and they freezes more often than others. Mats08-02-2011, 07:43 AMHi All, Do you have any update on this? Video quality will also depend on how powerful your laptop or computer is.

Latest DisplayLink Software Releases DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows 8Windows 7 8.2 M3 26 Jun 2017 DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows Windows VistaWindows XP (32bit) 7.6 news IT helper10-11-2011, 05:30 PMAnyone had any update on this situation? Its very nice, I recommend this to all BombLogic HP USB Docking Station with DisplayLink is awesome. Also, could you try v6.0 M1 which has just been released on the DisplayLink website.

Do you have the latest graphics drivers installed? It was only a few megabytes (which was considerably smaller than the Windows installation file). Laptop freeze and the only way to fix it is to hard reset with the on/off button. That is why it is always recommended to update to the latest driver versions for your operating system.

Also another thing that is worth noting is I updated the NVIIDA graphics driver to 280.26 for 2 users that were having this issue and it seems to have stopped the It’s good because it will use less power from your laptop, and because the power is what makes DisplayLink  technology possible. Dan07-16-2011, 10:52 PMHi Louis, I'm really sorry you're having trouble.

There do seem to be BIOS updates for the systems listed here, and some of the release notes do refer to problems with the video, which DisplayLink could provoke.

I would expect problems with v5.3 on this laptop. Freezes were more than I could handle here at work. When I have the docking station plugged in and uninstall the Display Link drivers, it works fine for a while, but then always freezes back up. Thanks Wim skynerd09-21-2011, 08:39 PMThat is interesting, and makes it even more important as to what hardware users are using.

They are only offering refunds no fixes. Creating your account only takes a few minutes. We have also had the "Freezing" HP Displaylink Dock issue. check my blog All of the ports are in the back of the device, with the exception of the USB cable that plugs into your laptop or computer, which is on the front.

We are having the same issue on hp 5320 m probooks with the USB 2.0 docking stations. The main program executable is Cleaner.exe. On switchable graphics systems, try operating with Intel integrated graphics only and see if the problem goes away. Has there been any resolution to this issue?

Disconnect the docking station and the laptops work fine. We really need the crash information from the system when this occurs. Aero is on. I have now reinstalled the DisplayLink Core Software and enabled the dock, but DISABLED the audio driver (HP Media Port Rep Audio).

Please open a new thread if you have freezing with v6.0 M1 Thanks Wim IT helper11-15-2011, 03:10 PMWim, The laptops (2) with the version 6 from Display Link are still exhibiting I had to disconnect and uninstall the software to remain functional here at work. Could other users with the issue try the same change with the audio drivers and see if it solves the issue? This happens on almost 1/3 of all 46 USB docks we currently own.

Stan Kynerd Wim09-25-2011, 04:11 AMThanks skynerd. Thanks Wim skynerd09-26-2011, 11:16 PMThanks skynerd. Stan ahatton09-29-2011, 10:35 PMHi. This may indirectly fix the lockups you are seeing.